Friday, September 28, 2012

instagram friday

happy friday! i'm off work this morning to take azalea to her 18 month dr appt. look for those all exciting stats tomorrow. i'm looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend (as of now :)). can you believe it will be october on monday? whoa! october is such a fun month, though! i'm looking forward to it! alright, here are some instagrams i took this week: 

azalea was a little under the weather this week. poor girl :( 

pretty squash and pumpkins at the co-op

sicky toddler has been getting some extra dates with sesame street

my company party at pinstripes the other night

1 comment:

~Dawn~ said...

Ahh, it's no fun having a sick little one. I hope she's better now!! Have a great weekend :)


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