Friday, September 21, 2012

instagram friday

is it just me or are the weeks flying by lately? i feel like i was just at blogger happy hour and all of a sudden it's friday! no complaints! guess what i'm doing again this weekend? going back to the mill city market! can't wait! any fun plans for you this weekend? here are some instagram highlights from the week...

check out the mileage on my car when i got in it the other day.
what are the chances? 

this girl loooves reading to herself, and i love listening to her.

it's been perfect boot weather it!

another shot from the paint pub

i've been slowing putting up some of my fall decor


~Dawn~ said...

Yes, I agree on the weeks flying by. I was hoping by this time of year things would have slown down a bit, but it's sure not the case.

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Joanna said...

loving your blog!

have a great weekend :)

Happiness Is... said...

Um it is boot weather there already?!? Jealous!


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