Saturday, September 29, 2012

18 month appointment

popping in on a saturday morning to do a quick post about azalea's 18 month check up yesterday. the older she gets, the harder it gets to take her to the doctor. emotionally, at least. she is starting to remember the doctor's office is not a fun place when we take her now. i'm sure this will be the case for quite a few years. i remember my mom would always let me get a candy from the gift shop downstairs after i had not-fun check ups (usually involving shots) when i was a kid. i might need to think of something fun for azalea to do post-check ups in the future. not a bribe, but a special treat.  anyway, here are her stats at 18 months: 

- weight: 21 lbs, 13 oz (25%)
- height: 32 inches (75%)
- head circumference: 46 cm (75%)

i was shocked that she gained a mere 10 ounces since her 15 month appointment. it's so strange since she eats practically adult-sized portions. the doctor assured us it's nothing to worry about though, as long as she's eating. she said one year olds are always going going going and typically don't gain much weight during that year. so i won't worry! she continues to be our long, skinny girl :) 

other things to note about the appointment: azalea fuh-reaked when the pediatrician tried to check her ears. so that was fun! she had to get one vaccine and a flu shot and those were not a hit either :( but we all survived. azalea did show off her baby gibberish skills. she sat on the floor and "read" herself a book out loud. the doctor loved it. hehe. sorry for the lack of pics! i meant to take one and forgot. we don't go back again until 2 years old. crazy talk!!

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Syndal said...

aw i love baby gibberish!


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