Wednesday, June 13, 2012

so, my husband is 30

how did that happen? i know, i know, in another 10 years we will think 30 is young, but right now it's sounding pretty...old. good thing i still have 2 years before i hit that milestone :) anyway, we've had a couple low-key celebrations for thatcher. 

his parents had us all over for dinner on tuesday night (his actual birthday). they grilled and we had cake and thatcher opened a few gifts.

 a pants-less azalea helping daddy open his gifts

blowing out his (3) candles :)

tonight we went out for dinner with a bunch of my family to it's greek to me. it was a perfect night to sit out on their beautiful patio. it's actually my brother's 26th birthday tomorrow, so it was a joint celebration.

azalea and her great aunt shari

azalea did pretty well until the end, but in her defense, it was past her bedtime. now we just have father's day this weekend and then the crazy 8 days of june with 2 birthdays, our anniversary and the father's day will be complete!

on another note, my grandma had a mild stroke yesterday and is currently sedated due to an allergic reaction to the medication they gave her. i would really appreciate any prayers/good thoughts sent our way. we hope she will be on the mend soon! 


Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma! My thoughts are with you.

Lisa said...

I'll be praying for your Grandma, and I hope she is better very soon! And Happy Birthday to Thatcher. You are so funny- I cringe at 30, too....I admit it! And I have to cross that line before Drew by 5 months- sigh. In reality, 30 is still very young! Hope you guys had a great time celebrating!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate it! :)

Happiness Is... said...

Prayers for your grandmother. One of my best friend's fathers is at home in hospice as the result of a stroke, so I know how hard it is to endure. Happy birthday to your hubs! So far my 30s have been good to me :)


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