Friday, January 13, 2012

a work trip

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this week, i was offered the opportunity to travel to vancouver, bc with two of my co-workers for a conference in april. i'm very excited to go as i don't get to travel for work very often. i've never been to vancouver, and it looks amazing! of course i got a small pit in my stomach thinking about leaving azalea for a few days, but she will be one year old by then, which makes it a little easier. our initial plan was for me to go on the trip and for thatcher to stay home with azalea. now it goes without saying that he loves her more than anything, but he was a little nervous about doing the single parent gig for all those days. (i don't blame him). in addition, he's been drooling at the thought of traveling to vancouver for as long as i've known him and was a little a lot jealous of my opportunity. 

so, it occurred to me that it might be an option for him to go too. i would be working most of the time, but he has no problem wandering around new cities and exploring on his own. so we talked to his parents and they have agreed to take care of azalea while we are gone. i know she will be in good hands! thatcher is taking different flights than me to save money, but we'll be there roughly the same amount of time. i can't wait!

i know the trip is first and foremost for work, but i'm really looking forward to any free time i might have to explore the city with my love! 

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Happiness Is... said...

BC is awesome! So jealous! And, getting away together is super important, too.


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