Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween weekend

we had a great halloween weekend! we got to dog sit for our neighbor dog, chester, which is always fun! friday night we went to the neighbors' for a pumpkin carving party, but i was lame and didn't take any pictures. saturday night we got free tickets for the gopher game, so we went to freeze our butts off and watch them lose :)

u of m marching band

trying to stay warm! 

thatcher's sister, cedar and our nephew, jack stopped over on halloween in the afternoon.

how cute is jack in his monkey costume? love it!

he had fun chasing chester around. note the banana split costume. double love it!

in the evening we made white bean chicken chili and cornbread and my friend sarah came over to hang out.

thatcher and i on the front steps. there was a cute picture of sarah and i sitting here, too, but i accidentally deleted it :(

we did some last minute decorating for the trick or treaters. we actually got a lot of them this year! we ran out of candy by 8:00 and had to turn our light off!

we ended the night with a movie and of course playtime with chester! it's hard to believe next halloween we'll have our own 6 month old to dress up! i can't wait!

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