Friday, July 2, 2010

home videos

thatcher and i had dinner at my parents' house last night and i told them i've been really wanting to watch some old home videos lately. we have a ton of them from the time i was 3 until 12 or so (you know, when you become "too cool" to be on video). i used to watch them all the time when i lived at home, but i bet i hadn't watched one in at least 5 years. 

my dad was really sweet and hooked up the old vcr so we could watch. the tapes are those little ones that require an adapter like this: 

can you believe that our adapter's batteries (which close the little door) still worked after all these years? crazy! 

we had two feature presentations last night: 

1. summer of 1989 (i turned 5). my grandparents were in town from nj. it was really sweet to watch my grandpa (he passed away 2.5 years ago now). my brother and i running through the sprinkler, my brother gets a "big boy bed," my 5th birthday party. i love that i have footage of my best friend kelli and i back when we were 5. so cute. this was also around the time my parents were putting an addition on our house, so it was fun to see the progress. 

2. summer of 1996  (i was 12). we took a road trip out to portland, or to visit our family friends. (same friends thatcher and i stayed with on our
recent trip out there). i was in the awkward pre-teen stage. smiley face t-shirt, braces, and stretchy shorts anyone? :) other highlights included mt. rushmore, yellowstone, and the oregon coast. 

my mom told me last night that i am so lucky to have all these videos of me as a kid. and she's right. i love watching them. i hope i can show them to my kids someday. that may be difficult though if they are still on vhs. i need to look into putting them on dvd. any one have experience with this? 

ps - if you are on google reader, pop over and see my new july header. i'm not sure i'll keep this up every month, maybe i'll just switch to seasonal :) 

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